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Daily care
Dental Implant Solution
  • Single tooth implant- daily care
  • Implant Bridge - daily care
  • Implant overdenture - Bar attachment - daily care
  • Implant overdenture - Ball attachment - daily care

  • Receiving implant teeth brings back the esthetics and function you once experienced with your natural teeth. Just as well as natural teeth, implants require regular maintenance care to ensure a healthy tissue environment.

    Your toothbrush is the key to a confident and bright dental future. It is just as important to clean the removable prosthesis as it is to clean your natural teeth. When using toothpaste, a small amount of low-abrasive toothpaste used with the brush is recommended. 

    The implants and prosthesis must be thoroughly cleaned daily if they are to be a long-term success. It is therefore a good idea to follow a routine each time you brush your mouth, to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned.

    Implant overdenture - Ball attachment - daily care

    Important areas to clean:

    • Abutment posts (the metal posts attaching the denture to your jaw) and bar
    • Underneath the prosthesis
    • Areas around the gums

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Brushing the prosthesis

    Clean the prosthesis and its attachments carefully, including the underneath area, using a denture brush or a regular toothbrush. A power brush can be a good alternative and an easy-to-handle complement.

    Other important areas to clean are the gum side of the prosthesis, where the attachment fits over the bar or ball abutments.

    2. Brushing the abutment

    Clean the gum side surface using a soft regular toothbrush. Additional attention should be paid to the abutment posts and bar in the mouth.

    Note:Never use a denture brush in your mouth.

    3. End-tufted brush

    A soft end-tufted brush (interspace brush) is suitable for cleaning the areas around the abutment posts.

    4. Floss

    Clean the abutment posts by passing floss (thick floss) around them. “Shoe-shine” the posts by passing the floss from side to side, polishing from top to bottom and allowing the floss to slip under the gumline. Follow this procedure for each abutment post. Make sure to pass floss around the bar with vertical movements.

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