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General Information
Treatment Options
Pre-treatment Evaluation
Implant placement
Implant protection
Financial considerations
Crown Placement
Clinical Cases
Daily care
Dental Implant Solution
  • I have lost my teeth. Do I have to replace them?What happens if I do not?
  • Can you show me some examples of implant- supported teeth?
  • Who are involved in providing dental implant treatment?
  • Who are involved in providing dental implant treatment?

    Implant treatment typically involves a team comprising

    • A prosthodontist or a restorative dentist trained in implant treatment. He will be the one who fabricates the crowns.
    • An oral surgeon who will place the implants in the bone.
    • A technician who helps to make those beautiful crowns.

    What is the process of dental implant treatment?

    The treatment sequence is as follows:

    • Pre- treatment evaluation and treatment planning
    • Implant Placement
    • Crown placement
    • Implant protection and maintenance

    How do I know if I’m suitable for dental implant and whether that’s the best option for me in the first place?

    Everybody’s treatment needs are different. It depends on many factors including your health, the condition of your underlying bone and remaining teeth, if any.

    It is best that you seek a consultation with a prosthodontist or your dental surgeon so that he can objectively evaluate and explain the options to you.

    How long should I wait after extraction to get my teeth replaced by implants?

    Ideally implant replacement for teeth should be planned even before tooth extraction! Special care will then be taken for the extraction, with bone preservation method where required. Immediate implantation after extraction may also be possible.

    The amount of bone available tends to shrink with time, and the opposing teeth tend to drift into the space left by the extracted tooth. In addition, teeth next to the space also tend to tilt over time making replacement difficult.

    In general, tooth replacement should be considered as soon as possible after dental extraction. Occasionally if the infection around the tooth is severe, your dentist may suggest a wait of two to three months after tooth removal. However, the longer the wait beyond this time, the harder it may be for implant placement.

    How long will I have to wait until I get my teeth?

    Nowadays, it is possible to receive your teeth on the day of surgery. These are usually acrylic teeth. A final set will be made later. The delay for the final set is due to the fact that the bone supporting the implant actually requires a period of healing before it can be fully loaded. This takes anytime from several weeks to a few months. You may be given a denture or temporary bridge in the meantime. In compromised cases, the waiting time is likely to be longer, especially if bone augmentation is involved. Complex cases may even take up to a few years, especially if you do not wish to have all the treatment at once. Your dentist will be best able to advise you on this.


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