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Dental Extreme Makeover Laser tooth whitening Dental Veneers Dental Crown & Bridge Tooth replacement by dental implant

Single tooth dental implant
Posterior tooth replacement.

Treatment:  Single tooth dental implant.

- 2 appointments for dental implant surgery
                - 2 appointments for porcelain crown over dental implant.

Customer Speak: “Now, I can eat happily with my new dental implant. Thank you for your very
professional service”
Gary / San Francisco, USA
 Before  After
Dental implant permanently anchor dentures
Lack of lower teeth .

Treatment:   Dental implant supported overdenture
Duration:    - 2 appointments for dental implant surgery
                   - 4 appointments for lower full denture.

Customer Speak: “I was tired of my old dentures always slipping. It was embarrassing and I was uncomfortable talking and eating with others. Adhesives were difficult to use and they never seemed to work. This treatment is easy and now my new dentures stay in place no matter where I am or what I eat.”
Mr. Nicholas / Gold Coast, Aurtralia

 Before  After
Multiple teeth dental implants
Broken teeth after car accident.

Treatment: 2 implant fixtures with 4 bridges over implants.

Duration: 6 appointments for dental implant surgery and porcelain crown over dental implant.s.

Customer Speak: "Thank you, Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic. It was a wonderful and helpful experience and I wish I could explain to the world that this is the only way to go when you lose teeth. It would be my pleasure to tell anyone who is considering this journey."

Edward / New York, USA

 Before  After
Multiple teeth dental implants
This 48 year old woman has never been happy with a full lower denture. She is very concerned with her appearance and wants her mouth to look as good as the rest of her.
Treatment: 6 dental implants with 10 bridges over implants

Customer Speak: "This is my new life! I now have a beautiful full mouth of teeth and they are solid in my mouth and feel like my own. The appearance and form of my new teeth not only look natural, but also allow for easy cleaning. Thank you for your excellent service."

Nancy / Seattle, USA
 Before  After
Multiple teeth dental implants
Broken teeth after accident.

Treatment: 3 Single tooth dental implants.

4 appointments for dental implant surgery and porcelain crown over dental implant.

Customer Speak: " I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me back my smile and most importantly, my self-confidence. This is absolutely one of the best things that have happened to me in my life.."

Mr.Bantoon / Bangkok, Thailand

 Before  After
Single tooth dental implant
Loss of her front tooth after car accident

Treatment: 1 Single tooth dental implant Duration: 3 appointments for dental implant surgery and porcelain crown over dental implant.

Customer Speak: "I would like to thank you for providing me with the beautiful smile. I'm finally completely satisfied. If ever my family or I need additional treatment we certainly will travel the distance to see you!
Sincerely from Los Angeles"

Mrs.Nalinee / Los Angeles, USA

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