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Very pleased with the treatment extended to my mother. She's pleased with the result and very thankful to Dr.Pantira. She's smiling confidently now & will surely tell all friends of the professional and friendly ways of Bangkok Smile.

Maria and Wilma Corpuz /Bangkok/Thailand

Oct 2003: To Dr.Bob and all your wonderful staff, thank you very much for the professional , caring way you have treated me and for the great work done. Just fantastic! July 2006 : Thank you for a very pleasant & pain FREE dental treatment. Your staff are very courteous & friendly. I am extremely pleased with my "new look" teeth & smile ! I will definitely return to Thailand for any future dental work.

Trevor McAleenan /Gold Coast/Australia

The experience was warm and friendly yet professional and efficient and that includes all staff from the receptionists to the assistants and of course to all the dentists, even those with the most difficult tasks. My sincerest thanks for your unbelievably hard work and for your kindness.

Peter Knight/Australia

Thank you. I am still getting used to my new, white, pearly teeth which turned out a lot better then I really expected. I would like to express my admiration for the good work you have done, for excellent service and for making me feel at easy, something I could have never done in a dentist's chair in Australia. Most dentists here are men, with hairy chests and beefy arms, and just by looking at them holding the dreaded drill, I start sweating profusely, wishing I had never decided to come there in the first place. On the contrary, Dr. Sunisa, I felt completely at ease with you around and I quite enjoyed the painless treatment I received, knowing that I was in safe hands. I hope to be able to go and see you again before this year is over, but this depends on my work load and ability to be able to negotiate a leave with my employer, who was not too happy about me coming back a week later then I promised. Some of my friends need their teeth done and I recommended.

Zell Bosak/Australia

Let me first say that the staff is very efficient, friendly and helpful. My teeth right now feel a lot more comfortable and it has only been TOTALLY 6 days from my poor old natural teeth to very strong teeth with new ALL on 4 implants!! My experience in your clinic was very relaxed and was always made to feel as comfortable as possible under the conditions. The doctors where very informative and understanding towards my needs. Special thanks to Dr. Bob and Dr. Rudjapas who did All on 4 implants. I feel he went out of his way to make me feel at home and he succeeded I feel like i have new Friend! Now I can chew and taste my food properly again. That's probably the most important thing, after all.

John Lever /Canada/USA

Thank you all at Smile Clinic for making dental work as painless as possible! Especially Dr.Sermsakul! I wish I could take him and Smile Clinic with me wherever my work takes me. I???m sure I will never again find such good service and professional quality service.

C Poli /US Embassy Thailand/USA

I would like to thank the brilliant, very alented and beautiful Dr Sunisa, her great nurses and the fantastic, helpful and caring staff at BANGKOK SMILE. My praise and heartfelt thanks for the excellent work that you have done on my top teeth is very hard to put into words. My friends and family are overwhelmed by not only the great work that you have performed, but also the small cost involved. Word of mouth is the very best form of advertising for any business, and I have been telling as many of the people that I know about the outstanding work you do at BANGKOK SMILE and hope that it will bring you many, many more new customers. I think that customers may be the wrong term to use as I see everyone there as a friend and look forward to returning in the near future. Again, thank you all very, very much for "MY NEW SMILE" from BANGKOK SMILE.


Just wanted to thank you all again....especially Dr. Sunisa who made me feel so very comfortable. Different to Australia or the USA, I felt very little or NO pain, including the shots of Novacaine! Dr. Sunisa, you are the absolute best in my book!!! Since I have been back I have recommended Bangkok Smile clinic to people.....none of my friends can believe the difference in my smile and the cost of having it all done. I am sure you will have many more clients that have seen my teeth and need dental work also. I actually miss all of you.......having spent so much time with you, I feel you have all become somewhat part of my family! I look forward to returning soon to do my implants and my veneers on my bottom teeth. My husband is also thinking about laser whitening and maybe a Skyce Diamond...haha Again........ Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Angela Hobbs/Australia

I came to Bangkok Dental Clinic on the end of April. The Doctor and Assistances all good. It had been my dream to keep a good smile, but I wondered what could be done! I came across a magazine back in Africa and had the addresses of the Dental Clinic. Then, it came up that I had to visit my Dad here in Bangkok . I was so luckly and so happy. I look very different now, very very different. It???s so amazing. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND CARE !!! KAP KUN KAH

Ndoh Owen /Cameroon/More countries

My husband & I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and for making us feel so welcome. You ladies are a wonderful bunch! I've never enjoyed going to the dentist before but I have to say, it was a pleasure going to both of your offices. Thank you again. I've enclosed a large bottle set for each office and a small bottle for each of your purses. I hope you all enjoy them. You girls helped to make our trip to Thailand wonderful and we hope to see you again.

Chrystal and David Keiser/USA

July 2004: I am normally terrified when visiting the dentist. But the staff are friendly and make the experience if not enjoyable, at least bearable. Apr 2007: I???m much more than a satisfied customer. I???ve lost my fear of the dentist and actually feel like friends with Dr. Bob and Dr. Niraporn and with many of the fine women on staff. I look forward to seeing everyone again in September.

Frank Goodman /Music Producer /Nashville, TN/USA

Leslie Tan /(original price) Laser whitening/More countries

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