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    Home Bleaching
    "SKYCE" Diamond
    Air flow Cleaning
  Porcelain veneer
    IPS Empress system
    Empress Esthetics system
  Ceramic Crown&Bridge
    IPS Empress
    Inceram YZ, Cercon
  Porelain Fused to Metal    Crown&Bridge
  Dental Restoration
    Onlay / Inlay Ceramic work
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Hi…my treatment was world-class and loved the service
and help from staff Enjoyed the modern clinic

Ray G.

Raymond G. A540986 Australia
Implant, Root Canal Treatment, Crowns
Dr. Sunisa

Lee-anne Berry / Dental Implant /Australia

Lewis /Crowns, Check up, Cleaning, Consultation, Laser whitening(7500)/Australia

Brown /Crowns, Root canal treatment, Filling, Cleaning/Australia

Samantha /X-Ray, Check up, Filling, Cleaning, Laser whitening(7500)/Australia

Rick /Crowns, X-Ray, Check up, Root canal treatment, Filling, Extraction, Cleaning, Consultation/Australia

Lucy Margaret /Crowns/Australia

Alexia /Crowns, Filling, Glamsmile veneer/Australia

Jennifer /Crowns, Root canal treatment, Dental Implant/Australia

Amanda Monaglan /Filling/Australia

Daan Bolder /Filling, Cleaning/Australia

Carole Jung /Crowns, Porcelain Veneer/Australia

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