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  Dental Implants
    Single Tooth
    Several Teeth Replacement with dental implants
    All-On-4 (Immediate implant)
  Cosmetic Dentistry
    Laser Tooth Whitening
    Air Abrasion
    Home Bleaching
    "SKYCE" Diamond
    Air flow Cleaning
  Porcelain veneer
    IPS Empress system
    Empress Esthetics system
  Ceramic Crown&Bridge
    IPS Empress
    Inceram YZ, Cercon
  Porelain Fused to Metal    Crown&Bridge
  Dental Restoration
    Onlay / Inlay Ceramic work
    Tooth Color Filling
  Orthodontic Dentistry
  Gum Treatment
  Root Canal Treatment
  Wisdom Teeth
  Tooth numbering system
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The MRT - Bangkok Metro:

Officially called the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and in Thai as rot fai fah mahanakhon ("metropolitan electric train") or more often as the rot fai tai din ("underground train") the line operates from 5am to midnight, and extends in a wide loop from the main railway station of Hualumpong, then tracks back via the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre to the smaller rail station of Bang Sue to the north.

It has interchanges with the Skytrain at Si Lom, Sukhumvit and Chatuchak Park stations. To protect against periodic flooding, station entrances are elevated above ground, and equipped with built-in floodgates. To prevent accidents and suicides, a glassed-in Automatic Platform Screen Door separates the platform and track, and opens only when the trains pull in and stop. All stations feature lifts and ramps for disabled people.

As with the Skytrain, there are a number of ticket types, which only need to be held close to the ticket barriers to operate them, thanks to a proximity sensor. Tokens are used for single journeys. An unlimited 1 day go-as-you please travel ticket currently costs Baht 120.

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