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    Empress Esthetics system
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    IPS Empress
    Inceram YZ, Cercon
  Porelain Fused to Metal    Crown&Bridge
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Claire Barnes Denture (s), Crowns, Bridges, Lumineers Veneer, Root canal treatment Australia

Trudy Gage Zoom Whitening, All ON 4/6 More countries

Miranda Thorpe Crowns, Bridges, Root canal treatment, Filling More countries

Peter Morgan Bridges, Root canal treatment, Filling UK

Michael Mabbutt More countries

Justin Vinckx Australia

Susie Eslick Australia

Ronald Wilson Australia

Pauline Wilson Australia

Wendy Miller , Sea Smile Dental Clinic

Paul Orupe from New Zealand
Sea Smile Dental Clinic

Graeme S. (K550611) and Lyndall S. (K550612)
Australia , , Crown

Steve H. (K561115) & Rochelle S. (K561116)
Dr. Paweenthas & Dr. Boonyanat
Complicated Root Canal Treatment-Molar Tooth ,
Single Implant Zimmer (Surgery) , Bone Graft

Lindy K. (K560921) Dr. Pichapa ,
Tooth Color Filling -1 surface , Soft Night Guard

Gordon K. (K560920)

Loretta D. (K551945)
Dr. Boonyanart , Single Implant Astratech(Surgery)
Bone Graft

Anna D. (K560879)
Dr.Pichapa , Direct Composite Veneer
Andy D. (K560880)
Dr.Srisuda , Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown

William John Ridley
Sea Smile Dental Clinic

Denise Tobler , Australia
Sea Smile Dental Clinic

Hans T. (K561045) , Australia
& Dr. Boonyanat
Dental Implant , Single Denture , Bone Graft

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