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Once air abrasion removes the decay, how is the cavity filled?
What Are the Disadvantages of Air Abrasion?

Can children benefit from Air Abrasion?
What Other Types of Procedures Are Performed With Air Abrasion?

Once air abrasion removes the decay, how is the cavity filled?
This is the beautiful part - we will fill the cavity with a nearly invisible, non-mercury tooth coloured 'white' adhesive filling, making the tooth strong, long lasting and resistant to decay as seen below.


What Are the Disadvantages?

  • Air abrasion is not recommended for deep cavities (those close to the tooth's pulp). It is best suited for removing small cavities that form early on the surface of teeth

Can children benefit from air abrasion?

Absolutely! Air abrasion is perfect for children. Most cavities that are detected early can be treated without a drill and without a needle. The tooth is then restored with natural looking materials to strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure.

Fewer dental appointments for the young patient are usually required because with air abrasion many more procedures can be completed in a single appointment.
Mums and dads are always impressed when the technology is demonstrated, and those who hate needles or drills are truly appreciative. It's not a panacea for everything, but it's a great extra option that suits our dentists and your children.

What Other Types of Procedures Are Performed With Air Abrasion?
Besides removing decay, air abrasion works well in these procedures:
- Repairing chipped, fractured or worn teeth.
- Preparing for cosmetic dentistry.
- Removing ingrained stains and spots.
- Placement of fissure sealants.
- Remove some old composite restorations, but not metallic restorations.
- Remove superficial stains and tooth discolorations

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