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  AIR-FLOW® PREP K-1 MAX. The Swiss High Technology

What is Air Abrasion by AIR-FLOW® PREP K-1 MAX ?
What are the benefits of Air Abrasion?
When can Air Abrasion be Used ?
Does Air Abrasion Hurt ?
Is Air Abrasion Safe?
Why is air abrasion used instead of the drill ?
Should early decay be treated as soon as possible ?

What is Air Abrasion by AIR-FLOW® PREP K-1 MAX?

Air abrasion is a focused spray of air and powder, When mixed together it removes tooth decay. Since air abrasion is achieved by directing a thin stream of abrasive powder at the area of tooth decay, we remove only minimal sections of tooth - only the decayed area. Air abrasion allows for very small cavity preparations. AIR-FLOW® Prep K1 Max is the air abrasion equipment of EMS / Switzerland. The combination of special alumina powder, air and water can cut into the tooth structure. This equipment works with EMS Abrasive Powder.

What are the benefits of Air Abrasion?

Patients like the near absence of noise, and the total absence of vibration. There is NEVER any burning smell as the teeth cannot get hot. Properly used, air abrasion often does not require a 'shot'. You can imagine how disappointed folks are when they find they can have treatment without an injection, and feel no pain.

The buzz words in dentistry now are 'minimally invasive'. While the medics look at ways of doing things through keyholes, dentists are also excited by earlier more delicate interventions on teeth. Air abrasion excels at doing delicate work.

The air abrasion device may be used to gently remove the areas of very early decay before the hole can even be seen. Children benefit especially, as they feel so little, and the extra cleaning means that their fissure sealants are placed quickly, and with a better bond. Much smaller holes can be filled earlier in this way, rather than waiting until the hole is much bigger, or worse, cutting lots of healthy tooth to get to a small hole.

When can Air Abrasion be Used ?

Experience has shown that up to 70% of all new cavities, that don't require old fillings  to be removed, are performed without the high speed drill.

The "Before & After" shown above is a good example of when Air Abrasion is most often used. Teeth that require porcelain crowns, silver amalgam removal, are heavily decayed or various other procedures are treated by use of the high speed drill.

Does Air Abrasion Hurt ?
Almost never! By controlling the speed and the intensity of both the powder and the air, we can make the procedure virtually painless. Since a needle is not necessary in cases where the decay is diagnosed at an early stage, you will not have numb or drooping lips after your dental procedure. The art and science of dentistry has changed, offering a no drill procedure for removing early decay.

Is Air Abrasion Safe?
Yes. The only precautions needed before air abrasion are protective eye wear (to prevent eye irritation from the spray) and the use of a rubber dam (a rubber sheet that fits around teeth) or protective resin applied to nearby teeth and gums to protect areas of the mouth that aren't being treated.

Why is air abrasion used instead of the drill ?
Its technology eliminates the noise, vibration, and often, if it's early decay, the needle associated with the drill. The air abrasion device that we use, where possible, instead of the drill is the "prepstar" system.

Should early decay be treated as soon as possible ?
Yes. Early detection means early treatment. We are talking about decay which is also a tooth infection! Why wait for the decay to spread to other teeth or for the cavity to get bigger? We can take care of the decay as soon as possible, giving you healthier teeth that will then have the best chance of lasting a lifetime.

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